логотип г.Елец
логотип г.Елец
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brew since 1864
"EletsPivo" is one of the most famous and oldest brewery in Lipetsk region. Our beer has won love and respect not only in Yelets, Gryazi, Lebedyan, Lipetsk, but also outside our region — in Orel, Tula, Voronezh regions, and even in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Yelets Brewery has been existing for 170 years. During this time, it has gone from a small private brewery to a company with a century-old history and the status of a national treasure.

«Yelets Bayern»

The history of the company began in the middle of the XIX century, when the merchant and honorary citizen of the city Ivan Platonovich Gorshkov became the owner of a small brewery. Although he took up the development of the company with enthusiasm, his heart lay in horses and horse breeding, so the brewing business was idle. Then Yelets was visited by the Baltic German Karl Kronberg. Having bought out the company in 1864, he breathed life into it. This is how the famous "Yelets Bavaria" appeared in many provinces.

«Yelets Pivo» now

The company has been operating in its current form since 2009. At various times, our brewery was engaged in the production of mead, cider, soft carbonated drinks. But now we are fully focused on the production of one kind of live unpasteurized beer, which is so loved by all guests and residents of Yelets.
Light beer is people’s favourite drink. This is not surprising, because light beer combines a mild taste and excellent aroma, and also perfectly quenches thirst. Yhe history of Yelets brewery dates back 170 years, and all this time we try not to deviate from the traditional recipe and constantly improve the quality of your favourite beer. "Eletskoe Svetloe/ zhivoe" is characterized by a golden hue, it is transparent and clean, has a malt flavour with a slight hop bitterness. Only natural ingredients are used for its production:


Type: light filtered
Colour: 17-19 ЕВС
Aroma: malt, hop
Flavor: mild malt
Hop bitterness: medium
Body: medium-saturated
OG - 12%
Alcohol: 4,5% vol.
Selected malt
Pure water
Fragrant hop

Legacy and Innovation

Observing the traditions of brewing, Yelets Beer refused to use preservatives and colorants, took only natural ingredients as a basis and focused on the most important thing — the quality of the drink.
This was helped not only by re-equipment of the production facility in a modern way, but also by preserving the historical heritage: f.e. the old Karl Kronberg furnaces, pre-war bins and our owm malt house, which produces unique malt, still work on the territory of the plant.


Our brewery takes an active part in the life of the city, district and region. LLC "EletsPivo" is a regular sponsor and participant of various tourist festivals, such as "Russian Zakvaska" and "Antonov's Apples". In addition, our company’s products have been presented at many competitions and exhibitions. "100 best products", "Golden Autumn", "Brewer" - not a complete list of prestigious contests in which we won prizes.
Honorary badge
«Excellent quality worker»
Honorary badge
«Honored Worker of the Brewing Industry of Russia»
Honorary badge
«For achievements in the field of brewing»

Our Partners

Yeletsky Craft - chain of natural alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks stores
Pankrat - brewery of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Tourism Center

"YeletsPivo" annually opens its doors to tourist groups. This is not only an opportunity to touch the history, but also a unique chance to see firsthand the entire brewing process. Our guide takes a responsible and knowledgeable approach to the task at hand, building the tourist route in such a way that guests do not miss the slightest detail. As a rule, exploring the Kronberg heritage begins at the main gate, in front of the malt shio that has been preserved since that time…
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42 Ani Gaiterova St., Yekets, Lipetsk region

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